Project Onslaught, a 3D Hack 'n Slash! (CREATE game jam) [APK available!]

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I'm currently working on a 3D top-down hack 'n slash game for the CREATE game jam! I have fond memories of playing games like Gauntlet: Dark Legacy with friends over local multiplayer, so we're trying to make a similar game in a team of two.

For the CREATE game jam, we're just putting everything inside of an arena to really focus on the gameplay. Long-term (i.e. for actual release) there will be actual levels to explore.

Prototype Features:
  • Supports up to 4 players!
  • Each player controls a warrior character
  • Enemy skeletons will spawn in an arena as the party fights to survive!
  • Game stats are displayed once the entire party is defeated. Try and beat your friends!

CREATE entry page: Here! Like/tweet it to show support!

Development photos: Imgur album

Development blog: Here!

Downloads: Android APK

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