ODK 1.0.6 and Firmware 1.0.328

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Piers is busy taking a beauty nap, so I'll be filling in for today's OTA announcement 

Here is the changelog for 1.0.328:
  • Game Details page has been re-designed:
    • Images and buttons now easier to navigate
    • Selecting (Pressing the (O) button on) an image will show it full screen
    • Description text no longer flows off screen.
    • “More Info” button allows user to read full description text
    • Longer titles now accommodated better
    • Queued downloads now display as "In Queue…"
    • Ratings system has been updated to use a more intuitive system of age ranges
    • Founders Icon for games now appears on the Game Details page.  Thanks for believing!
  • Download behavior changes:
    • Game downloads can now be cancelled!
    • Downloads have been limited to 1 to increase performance while navigating during a download
    • Downloads are paused when a game is running to maintain best performance while playing.  They resume automatically when exiting the game
    • Downloads now start in the order they were queued
    • Downloads give a clear indication when there is not enough space left to accommodate them
  • Added the ability to set a PIN code for purchases.  Parents rejoice!  This can be found in under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PARENTAL CONTROLS
  • Added support for redeeming pre-paid cards.  They can be redeemed when creating a new user, or from the MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS screen
  • Re-flowed in-game purchases to accommodate pre-paid cards.  Allows the user to fix purchase errors without leaving the game.
  • Logging out now allows users to log in or create a new user
  • PLAY category now sorts by most recently played or downloaded
  • Changed background image.  Style points +1
  • Changed layout of Network screen to match the new user experience.
  • Changed the look of more dialogs to have the OUYA theme
  • Fixed bug that could cause the account screen to appear to not respond to user input
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when getting a system update while out of space
  • New repository with 3rd party game engine examples:https://github.com/ouya/ouya-sdk-examples/
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  • HiroLordHiroLord Posts: 54Member
    Looks like awesome updates - great!
  • schoendevelopschoendevelop Posts: 14Member
    Awesome update, thanks!

    In the GENRES part of the store, the text is shoen twice: In the foreground as a text, in the background as an image. Thought that this may be interesting for you.
  • nicknick Posts: 186Member, Administrator, Team OUYA
    Awesome update, thanks!

    In the GENRES part of the store, the text is shoen twice: In the foreground as a text, in the background as an image. Thought that this may be interesting for you.
    The text was baked onto the image in the previous firmware, and isn't now, so we had to wait until the OTA to update the images. It should be correct now :) good catch though!
  • schoendevelopschoendevelop Posts: 14Member
    Ah, everything is fine now! I like that new store layout!
  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 768Member
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    A minor suggestion: in Parental Controls require entering in the PIN to deactivate them.  Many kids know their parents' account passwords so could get into the account settings and deactivate the controls.
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  • SoulofjazzmanSoulofjazzman Wetstlake, OhioPosts: 20Member
    Sweet! Looking forward to checking this out after work. I hope the UI is much cleaner this round. 


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  • NeoTechniNeoTechni Posts: 3Member
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    -It still asks you to click OK after it's done downloading to reset the system. When there are firmware updates, it skips the controller syncing screen. So there is no controller to click OK, and no way to pair one.

    -Resetting the system via the power button, doesn't apply the update. It resets the system, then pops up that same OK button to reset it again (but at least it doesn't skip the controller syncing screen)

    Please remove that OK prompt. Just reset it.

    Also, can we get a way to delete sideloaded apks without using adb?
    I'm getting some weird screen flicker, especially in chrome. You can see it for yourself by adjusting the 3D depth percentage in settings.

    The on screen keyboard won't let you delete text if any is selected

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  • StoicHamsterStoicHamster Posts: 113Member
    Yes! Preview images are sooo much better now
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  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    1. Require PIN also to disable parental settings - bugged this (crossed my mind other day, so if it crossed yours well probably won't be the last lol).

    2. OK button - You're right, we should get rid of that step of updates.

    3. Deleting side loaded w/out having to adb or go to advance - bugged a while ago, no eta on this as a feature-add

  • efroemlingefroemling Posts: 45Member
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    Hey OUYA folks,
    I just noticed that in the Discover section Final Fantasy III is listed as having 106 likes even though its actual count is 1063; looks like that's getting truncated somewhere.  Not sure if that's a new bug in today's update but wanted to give you a heads-up regardless.
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  • LususAnimatLususAnimat Posts: 32Member
    After this update, there does not seem to be a way to bypass entering credit card details or a prepaid card. The login flow only offers those two options, with no way to proceed without entering any kind of payment information.
  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 768Member
    Isn't that how it's been already? Except it used to be credit card only.
  • LususAnimatLususAnimat Posts: 32Member
    No. I have been using my developer account on the console for a month now without needing to enter a credit card. It has only been after this update that credit card entry became a mandatory part of the login flow when switching from my non-developer account.
  • nobleRobotnobleRobot Posts: 118Member
    The docs point to an SDK sample for Adobe AIR (with a link: https://github.com/ouya/ouya-sdk-examples/tree/master/AdobeAir), but sadly there is no corresponding folder on GitHub.

    Please tell me this is a tease for a future update which includes an AIR sample project, and not a oversight on the part of the docs.

  • arcticdogarcticdog Posts: 235Member
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    Excellent update!  It's looking mighty polished!

    I know this is a weird suggestion... but the "Booting Linux..." in the upper left corner of the screen on power-up..  Maybe that should say something else?  "Starting OUYA..", "Televising the Revolution..." etc..

    Might be a nice touch for the general consumer.
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  • altbeastlikeraltbeastliker Posts: 1Member
    the apk does not work for me on bluestacks
  • HiroLordHiroLord Posts: 54Member
    One small issue with Parental Controls: When it prompts you for a password, if you enter it incorrectly, it will not let you press "continue" a second time. You must actually exit the prompt and reload it in order to try again.
  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    @arcticdog that's an artifact of earlier hardware and, without going into great detail, you'll always see that :(  It's not there on KS retail and beyond units.

    @HiroLord I bugged that a few days ago, should be fixed in next update.  btw, great catch :)

    @altbeastliker what apk?  I'm confused on this one.
  • StoicHamsterStoicHamster Posts: 113Member
    No. I have been using my developer account on the console for a month now without needing to enter a credit card. It has only been after this update that credit card entry became a mandatory part of the login flow when switching from my non-developer account.
    Same here, when I signed up, I was able to skip the credit card info as well. Not sure how I feel about the change...

    From a player's perspective, it seems like it only makes sense to be able to skip the credit card since there is so much free content. I never needed a credit card to access all the free Xbox Live content. Google Play also doesn't require you to enter credit card info for free apps.

    From a dev's perspective, I do appreciate having one less obstacle keeping a customer from making an impulse buy... but I am also scared of this having a net negative effect on Ouya penetration and consumer goodwill because it will be compared to other digital games marketplaces that don't have that requirement.
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  • madmax2069madmax2069 Posts: 155Member
    Yeah, I don't like having to input a CC, being there is so many free things, and everything has free content (demo), it doesn't bother me having to input my info each time. Its better then having it on a system in potential danger.
  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 768Member
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    What danger?  It's on your system, not on the Internet somewhere.  And people who really don't like it can buy a value card and use that.  This isn't new, it's something the OUYA has been requiring for months, but only when creating new accounts.  Nor is it something that only OUYA does, Apple required credit cards to download apps for a long time, and even when they started letting you set up an account without one, they made the process to do so obscure and not obvious.
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  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    CC info is not stored on your system or with us.  Keep this very safe was a big priority.
  • EvgizEvgiz Posts: 184Member
    Excuse me for being ignorant, but where exactly is is stored then? :D

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  • AyrikAyrik Posts: 429Member
    Probably with the payment provider
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  • LususAnimatLususAnimat Posts: 32Member
    The big unknown right now, in my mind, is how OUYA intends to relate gamer profiles to OUYA accounts. If having multiple gamers sharing the same system will eventually entail switching between multiple OUYA acounts to manage leaderboard data, achievements, save data, and so on, then most consoles will likely have multiple OUYA accounts. In that case, it makes very little sense to require child accounts and other guest accounts to enter their own credit card data multiple times.

    This is also going to be a pretty poor experience for anyone who buys an OUYA at the store, plugs it in, doesn't want to enter a card, and then has to go all the way back to the store and buy an OUYA prepaid card just to get the system to boot.
  • HiroLordHiroLord Posts: 54Member
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    It's not incredibly prominent, but for everyone who doesn't know, the retail OUYA box has, printed on the back,

    While every game on OUYA is free to try, you will need a valid credit, debit, or redeemable code to download games. You'll never be charged unless you choose to make a purchase."
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  • madmax2069madmax2069 Posts: 155Member
    edited June 2013
    The danger that the ouya can be hacked into and the info taken. Yes it's stored on the system or on a server, that's why when you look at the payment options it shows the info, and why you can make a purchase without having to re enter the CC info. Are people really this dense?
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  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    It's stored with the payments provider.  As mentioned it's not stored on our servers or your console.  The last bit of digits is shown so you remember what card you have associated with your account.
  • speedspeed Posts: 4Member
    Extremely disappointed with the inability to skip the credit card entry point. Is Ouya planning to respond to this anytime soon as it's one of the key con's I'm noticing in most reviews of the product. That's got to hurt the console along with the poor shipping to backers. I don't mean to be negative but I see no reason to risk losing market share or alienating users by leaving them without a choice. Even if there was the option to buy credit online with PayPal, that would be preferable.
  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 768Member
    There's an option to buy credit from value cards at the store...
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