Humble Bundle OUYA Compatibility List

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Since I've bought every Humble Bundle (excluding some weeklys), I figured I'd go through all the available Android games from them and check their compatibility with the OUYA.
A quick note about the Humble Bundle app, for whatever reason, I've found that every time you exit and reenter it, you must log out and log back in to access your Humble Library.

So here is the list of all the games I tried (installed using the Humble Bundle App) and the results...  Games listed as being playable with the touchpad would obviously work better using a mouse, but based on my opinion, I felt they were at least functional with the touchpad.

Runs and works with Controller(s)
Another World (Tapping Middle Button brings menu up, but then quickly goes to title)
Canabalt (Humble v1.1, OUYA v2.02)
Dynamite Jack (Need to manually set button controls)
EDGE - Classic
EDGE - Extended
Metal Slug 3 (Not playable with Xbox 360 Controller) (Unable to Use Credits/Continue After Death)
Raiden Legacy (Not playable with Xbox 360 Controller)
Solar 2
Super Hexagon

Runs and Playable with Touchpad
Aquaria [ADDED 06/18/2013]
Anomaly Korea
Anomaly Warzone: Mobile Campaign
Broken Sword: Director's Cut [ADDED 06/18/2013]
Contre Jour
Frozen Synapse (beta) (Unable to zoom) [ADDED 06/18/2013]
Machinarium (Mobile (>1024x600)) (must make fast touch movements for such a large play area)
McPixel [ADDED 06/26/2013]
Osmos (Mobile)
Plants vs. Zombies
Sleepwalker's Journey [ADDED 06/18/2013]
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Swords & Soldiers HD
Waking Mars
World Of Goo
Zen Bound 2
Avadon: The Black Fortress (Tablet)*   
Machinarium (Tablet (>1280x800))*
Osmos (Tablet (>8"))*
SpaceChem (Tablet (>5"))*
Uplink (Tablet (> 7"))*

Runs, but very difficult or impossible to play with Touchpad
BIT.TRIP BEAT (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
Beat Hazard Ultra (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
Crayon Physics Deluxe (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
Dungeon Defenders + All DLC
Eufloria HD (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
Fractal [ADDED 06/18/2013]
Funky Smugglers (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
NightSky (Possibly Playable with Mouse)
Organ Trail (Humble v1.6.6.3, OUYA v1.6) [ADDED 06/18/2013]
[ADDED 06/18/2013]
Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack
Smuggle Truck
Snuggle Truck
Stealth Bastard Deluxe (Works with OUYA controller, for Left/Right/Down...but no jump; does not work with 360) [ADDED 06/18/2013]
The Room

Unable to Start
Bladeslinger (Loops while loading)
Toki Tori (Kicks back to home screen)

*Listed by Humble Bundle App as Unsupported

Sorry if this list is a bit strange to some, I just felt it was the best way to display the information for any person regardless of technical expertise...and if I missed any Humble Bundle games, let me know or post your own results and I'll add them to the list.

And for reference, here is the information from the Humble Bundle App.  Additionally, these were all tested on the OUYA 1.0.5 firmware.

Device Model                 OUYA Console
Humble App Version    1.3.3
OS Version                     4.1.2
Screen Layout               large
Screen Width                1920
Screen Height              1080

I've also gone ahead and posted this list at the following locations...
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  • BHSPitMonkeyBHSPitMonkey Posts: 3Member
    Feel like taking a look at the new bundle? :)
  • EarthBoundX5EarthBoundX5 Posts: 9Member
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    Feel like taking a look at the new bundle? :)
    Of course, was going to later tonight

    EDIT: Bundle bought, installing and testing everything now...might take a bit since 3 of the games in the bundle are ~500MB

    EDIT 2: Bad news so far...
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  • nicknick Posts: 186Member, Administrator, Team OUYA
    I side-loaded super hexagon, then had a sad :(
  • EarthBoundX5EarthBoundX5 Posts: 9Member
    nick said:
    I side-loaded super hexagon, then had a sad :(
    Aww least it works just fine side-loaded
  • EarthBoundX5EarthBoundX5 Posts: 9Member
    updated with current weekly bundle and Humble Bundle with Android 6
  • JaithnJaithn Posts: 2Member
    what about the new bundle with android? already tested?

    other questerions: what do apps need to support the ouya controller?
  • EarthBoundX5EarthBoundX5 Posts: 9Member
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    I'm very sorry, I've been busy with classes, but I'm behind on the last 2 bundles. I'll get them done this week, and update here and on my other forum threads.

    EDIT: Currently in process of testing Mobile Bundle 2, will purchase and test Android 7 after...
    EDIT 2: Done with MB2, bought Android 7 and beginning testing...
    EDIT 3: For whatever reason, I cannot edit the OP (the option is not even shown) I will post my added findings as a reply...  I suggest in the future to follow my other posted threads on CAG or XDA...however, I will continue to also add updates here, just not in the OP...
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    Alright, here are the updates to the from the Humble Mobile Bundle 2 and the Humble Bundle with Android 7

    Runs and works with Controller(s)
    Anodyne (Continue and Back Button are Mapped to same button...could be problematic...) [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Incredipede [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    The Bard's Tale [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Time Surfer (EVEN SHOWS UP IN PLAY SECTION) [ADDED 10/20/2013]

    Runs and Playable with Touchpad
    Greed Corp [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Ticket to Ride [ADDED 10/20/2013]

    Runs, but very difficult or impossible to play with Touchpad
    Bloons TD 5 (Possibly Playable with Mouse) [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Carmageddon [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Karateka Classic [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Punch Quest [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    QWOP [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Star Command (Possibly Playable with Mouse) [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Worms 2: Armageddon [ADDED 10/20/2013]

    Unable to Start
    God of Blades (Does not take touchpad as tap to start) [ADDED 10/20/2013]
    Ravensword: Shadowlands (Cannot select anything when prompted to use detected controller...) [ADDED 10/20/2013]
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