Very poor Wifi Stability?

syzygysyzygy Posts: 1Member
I got my Ouya last night.  I've connected it to my Wifi.  The wifi is almost constantly disconnecting and reconnecting.  I'm in a fairly densely populated area and usually wifi devices see a large number of networks.  The Ouya only see's two or three (mine is the one that comes and goes).  I can connect to my network when its showing but I seem to loose connections a lot (I get blank tiles in 'Discover').

My Wifi Info:
  Two Cisco Aironet 1130ag's
  A&G enabled
  WAP Security

Is anyone around who can point me to debugging this?  is it known?


  • AyrikAyrik Posts: 429Member
    That is interesting. I heard the Transformer Prime had wifi issues because of the aluminum back, so maybe this is similar. How far away is your wifi connection (router or hotspot)? And how many walls? You could try taking the board out and see if you get a better connection, not that it would solve any problems.

    Just FYI, my aluminum OUYA connects to my router fine and it is about 30 feet away through two walls.
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  • TheRealJobeTheRealJobe Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem. Its also an issue of coming out of sleep.
  • Zeek_BronzZeek_Bronz Posts: 3Member
    I have to resign in with my wifi too. Seems like the settings aren't saved. And why can't I turn off the wifi and just use ethernet? It doesn't seem possible because the wifi keeps turning back on and some sideloaded apps won't run unless I am using wifi. Those apps are Crunchyroll and Pandora.
  • B1-66ERDKB1-66ERDK Posts: 6Member
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    I can confirm the problems with wifi being unstable and really slow..

    I sent this email to support earlier today:


    My Name is XXXXXX and i just got my Ouya yesterday and I'm really happy with it, but there seems to be a problem with the wifi.
    It is extremely slow at times, and the speed jumps up and down all the time.
    I have read about others having the exact same problem that i have on Riddit, so I did a little test..

    My home connection is a 12Mbit down  and 1Mbit up

    You can see the test in the pictures have sent with this mail..

    In the test both the Ouya and my laptop are connected to the same network and both have excellent connection to my Routher, witch is placed only about 4-5 Meters from the Ouya and the laptop..

    The Ouya and the laptop are placed on the same table but there is a huge difference in the results.

    I am using in the test and both Ouya and laptop are testing against the same mirror, and the speedtest was done apart from one another so they would not interfere.

    Laptop: Ping=34 Speed=11.50Mbit Down and 0.95Mbit up

    Ouya: Ping=66 Speed=2.86Mbit Down and 1.13Mbit up

    Hope to hear from you.

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  • macrobiusmacrobius Posts: 1Member
    Also having issues with wifi connectivity. The Ouya is within a few millimeters of the router yet has constant dropped connection issues.

  • TigerC10TigerC10 Posts: 2Member
    +1 WiFi problem.

    Right out of box less than 30 minutes ago.  I connected to the wifi, downloaded a system update, installed it, rebooted, and could not connect again.  Tried forgetting the network and re-adding it.  It just can't find any networks in range.

    Had to hard reboot, pulled power cable, to reconnect. D:
  • XenophoneXenophone Posts: 1Member
    +1 Wifi problem as well

    I'm getting a very poor connection on the ouya whereareas my apple tv is perfectly fine. Even wifi radio skips. I'm rather disappointed in this performance, Can you imagine if they have not added the ethernet like they initially had planned! Anyways complaining aside the console itself is awesome I'm just sad that this little box will never be able to deliver streaming video unless I hook a wifi bridge through it

    I had to try five times before the unit would even connect. 
  • jets28cmjets28cm Posts: 16Member
    this needs to be fix asap before retail rolls out...this could be the spike in the heart before it establishes itself with the consumer base
  • B1-66ERDKB1-66ERDK Posts: 6Member
    I finally got my answer from the Ouya support, and it looks like this:


    First off, thanks for your patience... we've been working our hardest to reply to the thousands of emails we've been receiving. The WiFi issue you are reporting is not a global issue, so we are trying to troubleshoot. Please let us know (If you've already provided any of this, please do so again, so we have it all in one place):

    - Have you downloaded the latest software update to your OUYA?
    - Have you EVER been able to connect (WiFi or otherwise)? (Can you connect via Ethernet?)
    - Are you able to connect to other devices via your existing WiFi connection?
    - Are you able to connect via the Android settings?
    - Have you tried performing a factory reset by starting at the OUYA Main Menu and navigating to: MANAGE > SYSTEM > ADVANCED > BACKUP AND RESET?
    - Any other details that may help us troubleshoot this issue.

    We look forward to helping you resolve this.


    - Chad


    This is exactly the same answer that one of the guys from Reddit got  ("The WiFi issue is not a global issue").

    I think it's a bit funny that they say it not a global problem, yet they have a standardized answer to everyone who reports it.

  • CorgiCommanderCorgiCommander Posts: 51Member
    I had this problem initially when I got my Ouya. Resetting it however fixed it. 
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  • B1-66ERDKB1-66ERDK Posts: 6Member
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    Just tried resetting and it did not change a single thing for me..
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  • Killa_MaakiKilla_Maaki Posts: 504Member
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    Here's something from somebody mentioned...
    Try switching your router from WPA2 to WPA. Somebody else had their network performance skyrocket.

    Additionally a lot of people have reported taking it out of the aluminum shell seems to work. My guess is the aluminum casing acts as a sort of shield. This might also help if you are having controller problems.
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  • MysticalesMysticales Posts: 5Member
    I only had a wifi issue before I logged into the system 1st time. All I did to fix was go to Network Options, then I turned off wifi, then back on. I am using WPA2 on DD-Wrt firmware on my linksys. Not had issues luckily since.
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  • Ez-raEz-ra Posts: 2Member
    I had the same issue as Mysticales. Couldn't connect to wifi the first time, tried about 6 times, different AP's. I think I rebooted it and then it worked and has ever since. 
    But there's definitely something going on with the wifi because I thinks its dropping it sometimes. Using ethernet cable now. 
  • dra6onfiredra6onfire Posts: 91Member
    I never have any trouble with connecting but the throughput on my wifi is incredibly slow. It ranges between 128k and 1mb on downloads and struggles with high def streaming video. Is this normal? 
  • B1-66ERDKB1-66ERDK Posts: 6Member
    I tried out the theory about wpa2 being the problem the other day, by first switching the router over to wpa1 and then disable wifi on the Ouya.
    Then activate wifi on the Ouya again and test.
    It made no difference what so ever.
    Out of my connection speed of 12Mbit Down and 1Mbit up, the Ouya only gets about 1-2Mbit down, but it gets 1Mbit up..(like it always has) and the ping is also pretty high.

    Then I changed the router settings again, this time wpa1 and limiting the router to only use 802.11g and tested again, still no change..
    The Ouya is still extremely slow on wifi..

    P.s I did not try taking the Ouya out of the aluminium shell.
  • marksalotmarksalot Posts: 17Member
    There are many devices successfully using the Broadcom BCM 4330, which the AzureWave AW-NH660 inside the OUYA is based on. This leads me to believe it is an antenna problem, which may be due to the metal case. I am not an EE but I am trying to figure out if adding or modifying the antenna setup is possible. Looking at the motherboard, I don't see a visible antenna connected to the AzureWave chip. This possibly means that there is an isolated trace on the circuit board is acting as the antenna. There are 3 contact pads next to the chip labeled JC1 and I initially thought may be a way to hook up an antenna, but now I think it's probably for testing or programming the chip.
    (for the record, my wifi is working fine, just trying to help :)
  • B1-66ERDKB1-66ERDK Posts: 6Member
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    By the way found another link with people having wifi problems i didn’t post before, here it is:

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  • JuggleJuggle Posts: 12Member
    marksalot said:
    Looking at the motherboard, I don't see a visible antenna connected to the AzureWave chip. 
    From looking at the board in my Ouya I'm fairly certain that the white ceramic looking thing with two 8's on it (lower right corner of the board just above the shaft of the push pin in your photo) is the wireless antenna for both WIFI and Bluetooth. 

    I could be wrong...but the circuitry connecting to it sure looks like it's passing RF to me. 

    But I do agree that it sure seems like there are some serious wireless issues with the Ouya hardware.  Wifi on mine cut out completely last week (Just sits on "Turning WiFI on..." and never actually turns it on) and I ended up reconfiguring my entire network to have ethernet for the Ouya as a result.  (I'd been considering doing that for some time - now my TV, living room PC and Ouya all have wired ethernet and perform far better.)   I need to try doing a factory reset on my Ouya to see if that fixes the wifi but now that I've got ethernet working I'm not in a huge hurry.  The recent firmware update did not help with my particular WiFi issue.  

    I did manage to get SU setup and Titanium backup seemed to back up all of my installed games and data so I'll probably try a factory reset this weekend and then see if I can restore my backups...but still worried about loosing progress in my games and not looking forward to a full factory backup.

    All that being said I'm also very unimpressed with the Ouya's bluetooth performance.  I can block the signal from my controllers just by holding them behind my leg while sitting about 12' from the Ouya.  I tried a BT keyboard and it worked...but repeats key presses (which it doesn't do on any other device I've used it on.)  Overall it really seems like they didn't have anyone with RF experience on their team to help with engineering their wireless setups based on how it performs.  I'm really hoping that the issues are actually software related but I've got a sinking feeling it's poor hardware design and is just a fact of life for the Ouya that it's wireless systems aren't that good.
  • marksalotmarksalot Posts: 17Member
    I may find some time this weekend to do some signal quality tests, first I'd like to find an APK that gives me some info about connection strength. Then I'll test it with the case on and with it off and at different distances from the access point. Hopefully I can get some bluetooth signal data too.

    What is that ceramic thing with the eights on it? My google searches turned up nothing.
  • marksalotmarksalot Posts: 17Member
    Got this apk from the Amazon app store that will graph your wifi dBm
    Tested with the case on and off ~50ft from my access point through 3 walls. I don't usually get great reception in that room with other devices so I was actually surprised the OUYA didn't have problems.

    Case on, then off.

    You can see that the dBm only raises by a few points. I was able to decrease the dBm by about the same amount by putting my hand over the WiFi area of the board, so I'd say the case is not causing much interference.

    I think Juggle is right and the white thing with the eights is a 2.4GHz chip antenna, though I still can't find the exact chip.

    Back to the 3 pads :) After poking around the internet some more I'm now fairly sure they are for a mini RF connector.
    For whatever reason it appears the OUYA team went with a chip antenna instead of one plugged into a U.FL connector, the board was just set up for either option.

    Now we just need a brave soul to solder on a U.FL connector and test it out. (probably would have to desolder the chip antenna as well, not sure though) ~6.50USD in parts at Sparkfun
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