ODK 1.0.3 and Firmware 1.0.193

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We've broken with tradition and have released a firmware update not ending in eight, but at least it's the number that's graphically as close to an eight as you can get.   Less than two months to release, here's what's new. 

Firmware 1.0.193 - New and Improved with the following:
  • Users can now edit credit card info on the console under Manage > Account > Credit Card
  • Manage menu reorganization
  • Fix for Parse Errors that would occur on downloading some apps.  For users that are experiencing this issue currently, go to Play, then press the U button to bring up the details page for the affected game.  Selecting "Play" will allow you to re-download the game.

ODK 1.0.3

  • Frequent updates to the OUYA Unity Package can be found at - 

Known Issues:

Image loading in discover can be slow, especially when jumping rapidly between categories.  We are aware and working on fixing this issue.

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    Great to hear the credit card issue has been resolved. :)

    The site you linked (Graupmann's?) doesn't have changes for 1.0.3. Are we going to see a changelog for that version?

    edit: Oh, I see, that was the changelog for 1.0.3. That's seriously not cool. At least you didn't just say "have fun looking through the entire ODK to see if we changed anything hahaha" this time. The last time you guys slipped in undocumented changes it completely broke purchases for a ton of games. (the "test" tag deprecation) I really hope you guys can stop doing this. :(
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    I sort of expected some speed improvements, but everything feels slower to me, especially in the store. It's great that the Play section is now sorted by most recent though, even though it takes about 6 seconds to load for me now.
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  • SenseiRAMSenseiRAM Posts: 1Member
    Great news!
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    This firmware update even got its own news article:

    (though I think that was largely because their previous OUYA article, which was published like an hour before the firmware update, had made quite a big deal of no credit card change options as an example of OUYA still lacking in key areas)

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  • KonajuGamesKonajuGames Posts: 560Member
    Does this fix the Launcher crash on Nexus 7?
  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 768Member
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    Some bugs/missing functionality from the firmware:

    • There's no ability yet to update games to newer versions
    • The system plays a sound when the onscreen keyboard pops up, even in games, which breaks the sound the game is playing
    • In the store, under Genres, if you highlight "Fight", pressing up skips the genre just above Fight
    • You can't search through your games in the Play menu, though the menu shows a button for it
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    Does this fix the Launcher crash on Nexus 7?
    seem as not :( entering Play screen is still crashing on my N7. logcat

    entering Discover screen does not crash but returns to main screen, internally throwing a few exceptions. logcat
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    For those curious, here's what the new ODK entails, taken off the linked website:

    Change Log: (
    - Upgraded the stable build to have the latest changes
    - Upgraded to the ODK 1.0.3 JAR

    Change Log: (
    - Experimental: Has tweaks to the Android.manifest and OuyaApplication.java for testing, not for release
    - Upgraded to the ODK 1.0.3 JAR
    - Improved axis, button, fps plot speeds
    - Added rendering, update metrics
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  • KonajuGamesKonajuGames Posts: 560Member
    For those curious, here's what the new ODK entails, taken off the linked website:

    To clarify, that's for the Unity plug-in, not the ODK.
  • OrikuOriku Posts: 263Member
    is that mean there is a latency reduction for button presses? 
  • AkbarBitcoinsAkbarBitcoins Posts: 18Member
    Good job, we can see where all those weeks of work are paying off!

  • KonajuGamesKonajuGames Posts: 560Member
    API changes 1.0.2 to 1.0.3

    Very little change to the public or private APIs.


    All occurences of OuyaResponseListener<void> changed to OuyaResponseListener<java.lang.Void> in public and private APIs

    Changes to public APIs

    class OuyaAuthenticationHelper

    listener parameter type in handleError changed from OuyaResponseListener<void> to OuyaResponseListener<java.lang.Void>

    class OuyaErrorCodes

    Added constant
    static int CREDIT_CARD_MISSING_OR_EXPIRED = 2027;

    Not a public API, but interesting

    class AppDetails

    java.lang.String rating parameter added to constructor

    Added member
    public java.lang.String rating;

  • KonajuGamesKonajuGames Posts: 560Member
    The C# bindings for OUYA have been updated for ODK 1.0.3.  This release still needs proper testing on an OUYA device as I don't have one yet and the ODK does not currently work properly on the Nexus 7.

    This release contains Task-based versions of the asynchronous APIs, e.g.

    facade.RequestGamerUuid().ContinueWith(t => gamerUuid = t.Result);

    It also contains a PurchaseUtils.jar contributed by Aranda that provides the JSON operations on decoding responses that are not currently possible in Xamarin.Android.

    The bindings are available in my GitHub repo
  • goodhustlegoodhustle Posts: 144Member
    @Piers, I'm downloading the software update now, and it is absolutely crawling along. I started the download at around 11:35 PST -- it's now 12:03 AM and the progress bar looks like it's at about 20%. It looks like I'll just have to leave it on overnight. Is this supposed to be a gigantic download?
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  • KonajuGamesKonajuGames Posts: 560Member
    Is this supposed to be a gigantic download?
    It is 34.7MB.
  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    Shouldn't take that long goodhustle.  Are you wired or wi-fi and did it ever finish?  Strange it was so slow.
  • goodhustlegoodhustle Posts: 144Member
    It was over wi-fi, router is one from Verizon FIOS (so this is a fat pipe). Left it overnight and it did finish.
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    any news about when APK updates are being planned/supported?
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  • bluecollarartbluecollarart Posts: 75Member
    Piers, can we get a comment on whether or not future updates will detail the changes to the ODK? I feel like this is an issue worth addressing.
  • newmessagenewmessage Posts: 42Member
    can U confirm this issue, 
    for firmware1.0.193 we need to include (mandatory) READ_PHONE_STATES on the AndroidManifest?

    Because my game, previously works and after I upgraded my fw to the latest one, it always crash. But it solved when I re-compiled it and added READ_PHONE_STATES on the Manifest.

    --many thanks
    many thanks

  • PiersPiers Posts: 680Member
    @bluecollarart I've mentioned this and see what comes of it.  They need to be better, completely agree.
  • bluecollarartbluecollarart Posts: 75Member
    Thanks. :)
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